About Us

In Greek mythology, The Titans were a race of legendary giant beings with incredible might and power. At Titan Labs, we continue the way of life of these warriors, renowned for their strength and achievement, by giving athletes and those needing to improve their fitness a chance to do so faster and more easily.

We are not another overly complicated sports nutrition brand with the aim of roping people in with products they don’t understand. At Titan Labs, we offer something very simple – supreme quality at affordable prices. We are for everyone, not just pro bodybuilders or athletes. We are also committed to helping anyone who wishes to improve and maintain their health, fitness and physique, inspiring them to train harder and longer to achieve those results.

Started in 2007 by three long-time friends, Craig Cremen, Justin Martins and Shane Brummer, Titan Labs’ purpose is to provide the best supplements at affordable prices, making it accessible to anyone in pursuit of a healthier, fit lifestyle.

Craig, Justin and Shane all bring valuable skills to the company based on their diverse backgrounds. Craig is a qualified pharmacist and along with Justin, is pursuing another dream of becoming a qualified lawyer. Shane on the other hand has degrees in both psychology and advertising.

Through continued innovation and a relentless commitment to quality, Titan Labs is able to bring you supplements that do what they’re supposed to – help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals.