Do You Lift?

Do You Even Lift?

Lifting weights makes you bulky, is bad for your joints and just isn’t very lady like. This is the sentiment of many women out there in the pursuit of fitness, but it’s not all that true. At Titan Labs, our main focus is to help you achieve your desired results faster and we believe that lifting weights can do just that. Adding some iron to your workout routine can help you gain strength and lean muscle while torching more kilojoules than your cardio equivalent workout!

Feel The Burn

Weight training has consistently shown to be beneficial for weight loss, even after exercising. Your body continues to consume oxygen hours after a heavy strength training session. Burning oxygen increases your body’s metabolic rate and caloric expenditure, resulting in weight loss. That’s what you want, no?

Think Curves

We’ve established that weight lifting and strength training build muscle. You might be surprised to learn that it’s also very effective in helping you sculpt a toned physique. Many endurance and cardio training routines that promote weight loss can result in losing muscle tissue along with the fat – that’s not a good thing! You should be lifting too.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight

Lifting weights is a more challenging exercise than cardio, resulting in tired muscles. Your body therefore needs to recover afterwards and what better way to do this than sleeping. These exercises can help you fall asleep faster and allow you to sleep deeper and more optimally.

March To The Beat Of Your Own… Heart

Pumping iron increases the blood flow, reducing your risk of heart disease. A study done by the Appalachian State University has shown that resistance exercise, such as weight training, leads to a long-lasting drop in blood pressure after the session. In fact, the results showed that this drop in blood pressure lasted 20% longer, compared to aerobic exercise.

No Worries

Fact: Exercising releases endorphins in your brain, making you feel happier. Working with weights offers a more challenging workout, thereby increasing your brain’s endorphin production depending on the intensity and length of your session.

We’re not suggesting that you stop all other forms of exercise and focus mainly on lifting, but rather that you incorporate it into your fitness routine for faster, better results.